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Born and bred on Amorgos, a secluded island amidst the Aegean Sea, Dimitris has been one with the sea since the age of six when, influenced by the legendary film “The Big Blue”, he decided he wanted to be a diver.
Many years later, having gained experience as a scuba diving instructor, he founded Amorgos Diving Center in 2007, the first such establishment on the island. Teaching and leading a successful team of dedicated diving professionals drove him to higher ranks, all the way to SSI Instructor Trainer from 2021.
Meanwhile, his restless spirit and curious nature got carried away by the allure of freediving, which he pursued starting in 2013, and began teaching shortly after, now possessing the rank of SSI Level II Instructor.

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Whether you want to make diving your career, dive deeper or improve your technique underwater, we can work together to get you there.


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our diving center

amorgos diving

Established in 2007 as the very first dive center of Amorgos and remaining the only free & pro diving spot on the island; our team has a long history in the world of scuba diving and a passionate love affair for Freediving, introducing beginner sea lovers to the mystique of the underwater world, leading certified divers to the spectacular spots of the area and training professionals to the highest standards.

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